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WellPCB PTY LTD, registered in Australia, is a daughter company of Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd, which has two modern PCB factories and one PCB assembly factory, founded in April 2007. WellPCB is Focusing on Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services, to meet the requirement of High Quality, Low Cost, Fast Delivery, Easy Ordering for customers all over the world. With brand new equipment and total production area over 10,000 m2, WellPCB is capable of producing 30000 m2 feet of 2-32 layer PCBs and delivering over 10000 varieties monthly. We can produce quick turns to meet 24-hour delivery for double-sided PCBs, 48-hour for 4 to 8-layer and 120-hour for 10-layer or higher PCBs.
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Specification PCB Capability Specification PCBA Capability
Layer Counts 1-32 layers Placer speed 60000chips/hour
Lead Time Normal: 5-6 Days
Expedited: 24-48Hours
Lead Time 25+ Days (To Be Decided)
Materials FR4, High TG FR4,Halogen Free material,CEM-3, Rogers HF material, etc. SMT SMT, Through Hole Assembly
Single/Double-Side SMT, Single/Double-Sides Mixture Assembly
Finished Copper Thickness 0.5-5 OZ PCB Size 50mm×50mm ~450mm×406mm
Finished Board Thickness 0.2-6.0mm PCB Thickness 0.5mm~4.5mm
Min. Line/Track Width&Space 3mil Min. diameter /space of BGA 0.2mm/0.35mm
Qualifications ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004,
ISO/TS 16949:2009 UL Certified
Qualifications ISO 9001:2008
Technology On-Across Blindried Vias, Characteristic Impedance Control, Rigid-flex Board etc Accuracy less than ±40µm, under the condition of 3σ,CPK more than 1