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Just as our slogan implies, our business goal is to be the easiest PCB manufacturer for prototyping and low-volume production to work with in the world. With more than a decade in the field, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests. As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers and SMT Assemblers in China, we pride ourselves to be your best business partners as well as find good friends in every aspect of your PCB needs. We strive to make your R&D work easy and hassle-free.
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Items Manufacturing Capabilities Remarks
Number of Layers 1-10 layers For orders above 10 layers, please contact our sales rep.



For Flex, Rigid-flex, Metal-based (Aluminum etc.,), HDI, Halogen-free, High Tg, etc., please contact sales rep.
Maximum PCB Size(Dimension) 500x1100 mm Any sizes beyond this dimension, please contact us.
Board Size Tolerance(Outline) ±0.2mm/±0.5mm ±0.2mm for CNC routing, and ±0.5mm for V-scoring.
Board Thickness 0.4-2.4mm 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4mm. Please contact us if your board exceeds these.
Board Thickness Tolerance(t≥1.0mm) ±10% Normally “+ Tolerance” will occur due to PCB processing steps such as electroless copper, solder mask and other types of finish on the surface.
Board Thickness Tolerance(t<1.0mm) ±0.1mm
Min Trace 0.1mm/4mil Min manufacturable trace is 4mil(0.1mm), strongly suggest to design trace above 6mil(0.15mm) to save cost.
Min Spacing Min manufacturable spacing is 4mil(0.1mm), strongly suggest to design spacing above 6mil(0.15mm) to save cost.
Outer Layer Copper Thickness 1oz/2oz/3oz(35μm/70μm/105μm) Also known as copper weight. 35μm=1oz, 70μm=2oz, 105μm=3oz. Please contact us if you need copper weight greater than 3oz.
Inner Layer Copper Thickness 1oz/1.5oz(35μm/50μm) Inner copper weight as per customer’s request for 4 and 6 layers. Please contact us if you need copper weight greater than 1.5oz.
Drill Sizes (CNC) 0.2-6.3mm Min drill size is 0.2mm, max drill is 6.3mm. Any holes greater than 6.3mm or smaller than 0.3mm will be subject to extra charges.
Min Width of Annular Ring 0.15mm(6mil) For pads with vias in the middle, Min width for Annular Ring is 0.15mm(6mil).
Finished Hole Diameter (CNC) 0.2mm-6.2mm The finished hole diameter will be smaller than size of drill bits because of copper plating in the hole barrels
Finished Hole Size Tolerance(CNC) ±0.08mm For example, if the drill size is 0.6mm, the finished hole diameter ranges from 0.52mm to 0.68mm will be considered acceptable.
Solder Mask LPI

Liquid Photo-Imageable is the mostly adopted. Thermosetting Ink is used in the inexpensive paper-based boards.

Minimum Character Width(Legend) 0.15mm Characters of less than 0.15mm wide will be too narrow to be identifiable.
Minimum Character Height (Legend) 0.8mm Characters of less than 0.8mm high will be too small to be recognizable.
Character Width to Height Ratio (Legend) 1:5 In PCB silkscreen legends processing, 1:5 is the most suitable  ratio
Minimum Diameter of Plated Half Holes 0.6mm Design Half-Holes greater than 0.6mm to ensure better connection between boards.
Surface Finishing HASL with lead
HASL lead free
Immersion gold
The most popular three types of PCB surface finish. Please contact us for other finishes.
Solder Mask Green ,Red, Yellow, Blue, White ,Black

No extra charge (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue)

Silkscreen White, Black, None

No extra charge.

Panelization V-scoring,
Tab-routing with Perforation (Stamp Holes)

Leave min clearance of 1.6mm between boards for break-routing. For V-score panelization, set the space between boards to be zero.

Others Fly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.I. testing(free), ISO 9001:2008 ,UL Certificate

No extra charge.